Jaanioja Handicraft Farm hosting guests from Finland

The following is a summary about our activities with guests Jaana and Miina from Finland, Trademark Hupako. Their visit was inspiring and we hope to make concrete cooperation plans after my visit to Finland.

Entrepreneur exchange: Kuusiku Nature Farm visited Majatalo Torppa in Finland

Hosting enterprise: Majatalo Torppa , hostess Pauliina Lunna, LAG Sepra region in Finland

Visitors: hostess Sirje and host Rein Kuusik, Kuusiku Naturefarm from LAG Development Centre region, Estonia

May 02, 2017:

Our trip to Majatalo Torppa started by travelling over the Baltic sea by new ferry Megastar and further from Helsinki by bus.

Exchange trip to Finland: a report from Arma Riding Farm

Monday 22. May 2017

We arrived by car and we got acquainted with our hosts and their farm.

Jaanioja’s exchange trip to Loviisa, Finland

Our first meeting with Jaana Klami in Estonia gave us cooperation ideas very quickly. We agreed to visit them in August during Loviisa’s Old Houses Days from August 26th to 27th, where I could make a small exhibition and get acquainted with handicraft promoting and cooperation forms of this community.

Designing with students from Tartu Art School

In spring, a design consultancy project together with Tartu Art School was launched, to help to design logos, packages, websites etc for rural entrepreneurs.

In search of positive experiences in rural Finland

From September 20th to 23rd, as a part of the international project LEADER “On sustainable rural entreprenourship”, Latvian entrepreneurs of the Rural Partnership “Lielupe” and the Partnership of the Liepaja region took part in an exchange of experience and visited the gorgeous lake holiday resourt Lautsia (Finland).