Trīs pieredzes apmaiņas stāsti

Evija Kopštāle (SIA „Evi&Jo”, SIA “Durbes veltes”)

Projekta ietvaros uzņēmumu pie sevis sadarbības partnerus no Igaunijas (14.

A brewer from Lahemaa visited a brewer in Finland

In the beginning of May we had a chance to visit one of the best brewers from our neighbouring country Finland!

Entrepreneurs get new ideas

Entrepreneurs from Pärnu, Estonia visited entrepreneurs in Liepaja for an exchange of experience. The Estonians were pleasantly surprised with new technological advancements, but the Latvians were able to find answers to questions and get advice.

Latvian entrepreneurs’ spring trip to Estonia


From 11 to 14 April, in the framework of the international LEADER project “Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Countryside”, 9 businesspeople from the Rural Partnership “Lielupe” and 8 entrepreneurs from the Liepāja District Partnership Area participated in the experience exchange trip in Estonia, Green Riverland and Development Centre regions.

Visiting VildiVilla in Estonia

In th eframework of  Sustainable entrepreneurship in countryside” project, Heli and Hanna from Finland visited VildiVilla.

Vaksali Tavern visiting Senlici Hotel in Lielupe, Latvia

It was two of us, who visited the Senlici Hotel, we got there by Monday evening. The yard area with cosy lighting and the hotel in the backyard, in size of a bigger house, made a very good impressioon.