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Vaatesuunnittelija Aleksandra Pohjola/Atelier Aleksandra


Helsingintie 1AB LH 32

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I am a clothing artisant, founded my own enterprise in 2015 at the same day that i was graduated of vocational school with a degree of a clothing artisant. Later I completed corses of tailoring.

I sew clothes for celebrations, weddings, skating, gymnastics, dances, casual clothes, also I repair fur coats.

And my favourite activity is sewing historical dresses, here meet my hobby and work. I am a member of the Historical community of Hamina from 2011.

I take part in historical fashon shows and balls.

In near futere I’m planning to complete fashion designer course.


Stories about us

Tareq Taylor visited Soomaa

Tareq Taylor, a chef and TV-personality from Sweden visited Soomaa for filming new series for his highly popular show, “Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery”, broadcasted in over 100 countries all over the world.

What is Latvian Pirts (sauna) ?

“Miesai un Garam IK”

(For the Body and Soul)


Latvian traditional pirts is known as wet bathhouse, where one gets use of the hot air, moisture (steam), water and plants as they work on human organism.

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