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East-Harju Partnership

East-Harju joins the territories of 4 municipalities (Aegviidu, Anija, Kose and Raasiku), situated in the eastern part of Harju county, close to the capital Tallinn.

East-Harju Partnership area is a periurban are, close to the capital Tallinn. The area can be described by the symbiosis of rural and(peri)urban lifestyle.
The area itself offers very interesting natural and cultural environment. The are contains large part of the Kõrvemaa nature reserve (protected area) and Tuhala nature reserve. 
There are several beautiful old manors in the area.
There is railroad in the area, passing 3 of 4 municipalities (also means large potentsial of railroad-related tourism services), the area in general has significant tourism potential. 
95% of the companies are micro-entrepreneurs, also there are multiple active NGOs offering different products and services.

The main goal of East-Harju Partnership is to develop the area and help to create better living and working conditions and possibilities:

  • Developing local tourism
  • Improving the use of local resources, focus on local food
  • Encouraging international and local cooperation
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