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Arma Equestrian Farm is a family owned enterprise located near Lahemaa National Park in the coastal village of Rutja. On the farm are raised Estonian, Tori and Estonian heavy draft horses that due to their calm nature are suited for the first horseback riding experiences for both children and adults. In addition to the horses, the Farm hosts a comfortable holiday cottage, accommodating up to 13 people. The house also has a cozy wood-burning sauna.
We offer our guests:
• Different horseback riding programs in the course of which are shared interesting facts about horses while the skills of horseback riding are learned
• Accommodation in the holiday cottage all year and in the barn houses in the summer only
• Organization of birthdays, parties and seminars in the guesthouse room with a fireplace
• A boat trip at sea, an extreme romance tube drive or a romantic trip to Uhtju island
• Featuring local Estonian food prepared fresh from the garden produce of our own farm

Stories about us

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