Ostrich Farm “Mazzariņi”


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At the ostrich farm you can see the representatives of African ostrich species of different ages and genders and get detailed information about the largest birds on the planet. A new offer for our visitors is the chance to see the ratite emu from the faraway Australia and three nandu ratites, who have travelled all the way from South America. At the farm also can be seen alpacas and rabbits. You we are producing ostrich leather products (wallets, purses, belts, etc.), design elements from ostrich eggshells and ostrich feather jewelry, as well as unique ostrich fat soap

Stories about us

Tareq Taylor visited Soomaa

Tareq Taylor, a chef and TV-personality from Sweden visited Soomaa for filming new series for his highly popular show, “Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery”, broadcasted in over 100 countries all over the world.

Entrepreneur exchange stories to be published here

The international entrepreneur exchange of the project “Sustainable entrepreneurship In Countryside” has started. All participants will write about their experiences in the blog here.

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