862 km2


149 591


ATAHCA is a Local Development Association with 26 years of experience in a LEADER Communitary inniciative. Our territory is situated in Nortweast Portugal

The territory of Cávado corresponds to the territorial spot of the Counties of Amares, Barcelos, Braga, Esposende, Terras de Bouro and Vila Verde, located geographically in the Northwest of the Minho Province, bordering Spain (Region of Galicia) in the North Municipality of Terras de Bouro. It is a markedly rural territory that is essentially structured along the catchment area of the river Cávado from Terras de Bouro to Esposende. In addition to this watercourse, the territory is still traveled by the Man and Neiva rivers and numerous tributaries. The most mountainous area of the territory is occupied by 21% of the only National Park of Portugal the Peneda Gerês National Park since 1971 and as a transboundary Park it has been classified as a World Biosphere Reserve since 2009.

The main objective of participation in this partnership is the promotion and joint promotion of local territorial assets, by promoting business and entrepreneurs in the area of sustainable tourism in an integrated logic and involving the various sectors of activity (agriculture, tourism, local products, environment …) and bet on diversity and quality as distinctive factors for the achievement of market niches.

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