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Homestay Erikasmäen torppa


Mäntytie 1
Finland, 49270

+358 40 5240910



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The Erikasmäki cottage is apparently build of logs in 1924 near the middle-aged old stone church in Southern Finland.

The croft got its fourth owner in 2014 on a grey and rainy day in February. The cottage in all its ugliness, old covering panels, old-fashioned plastic flooring and blatant painted chipboard back walls breathed with old time warm and atmosphere.

With change of the owner furious renovation and restoration begun, that go on and on …. =)

I am a remorseless “hamster”, that collects continuedly this and that. Old finnish design vases from 1960-1970 collected over the years turned into the Vintage galleria, Arabia wall-plates, Mariskooli bowls and so on in my opinion are interesting things.

Isa Mårtens

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