Friday, September 8th

  • Arrival, accommodation, a tour at Arma Riding farm.
  • Eisma Port’s introduction and a boat ride, putting fishing nets into the sea
  • 18.00 getting to know the Horseback Riding Centre, horses and children’s training
  • Supper and sauna

Saturday, September 9th

Sunday, September 10th

  • Breakfast
  • 10.30 A tour at Altja fishing village, dinner at local tavern
  • 14.00 on our way back home

At first we accommodated our guests and showed our guests around. We went to the paddock and barn, guests watched children training. We divided us into two groups; men went to the sea and women with children stayed in barn.

Second day was busy; we started from the riding centre (men went looking at fishing nets, hoping to get some fish for supper). We had a horseback riding trip into the nature and at the seaside. I introduced our guests our possibilities mostly at landscape protection area of river Selja. During the ride we discussed possibilities in Finland and turned out that it was a great experience for them to ride on horses at the seaside because there are not many places like that in Finland and it is forbidden to ride on horses in many places. So possibilities here in Estonia were very interesting to them and our so called every man`s right, which means you can move around in nature by foot, on horseback, or by bicycle, everywhere, if it isn`t directly forbidden or harms the nature in any way.

Next we went to Kunda, to Adventure park of Lontova and to café Blücher where the host Revo Koha had made us delicious dinner. Adevnture park of Lontova is also a member of cooperation network Pure Experiences of Lahemaa and together we discussed about necessity of bringing tourists into smaller places and out of Tallinn.

After that we visited Horse gate Farm because our guests had children with them and we wanted to show some fun things to them also. Hostess Julia Vanatoa showed us around and told interesting stories about animals. This farm is located in a very nice place at manor stock shed complex and is worth visiting.

On our way back we visited Toolse Order Castle, we introduced our region’s villages and our village association’s activities.

Finally we had supper all together (men had caught some flatfish, so we fried them). We also talked about some new ideas for the future, while I was cooking, Sanna wrote everything down. Now we already have a plan, we could have a riding clinic in Estonia (a training camp) where Sanna Puonti can be a trainer. We translate all info into Estonian and organize advertising over here. And for advertising Arma Riding farm services we work out a package for people interested in riding and Sanna will help to translate that into Finnish.

We spent our last day on nature trail at Lahemaa and Altja fishing village, had dinner at Altja tavern and then our guests had to start their way back home.

Participating in this project was very interesting to us, besides new contacts we got some new thoughts and specific plans, we can do together.


Sanna Puonti, Hyvinvoiva Hevonen

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