3000 km2


57 500


Linnaseutu is promoting rural development in South Finland, Hämeenlinna sub-region.

Hämeenlinna region is one of the oldest inhabited regions in Finland. The area is located in the center of the province and has excellent transport links: Helsinki-Tampere, Lahti-Tampere-Turku-Lahti-axis as well as the mid, so that the air and sea ports are located only about an hour away. The region provides opportunities for housing, spending free time and running business. The region’s strengths are a lively business-life, diverse associations as well as skilled workers. The provision of education is diversified and high-quality from the beginning of the school to the higher education.

The goals of Linnaseutu’s :

  • developing village activity in Linnaseutu sub-region
  • raising awareness of the association and the community-based activity
  • strengthening the association’s role as a developer within the Linnaseutu sub-region
  • promoting interaction between the rural and urban areas
  • implementing international activities
  • developing rural industries
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