An important focus of our Sustainable Entrepreneurship project is to support entrepreneurs in finding partners abroad in Latvia annd Finland. As of today, there are 28 “pairs” of entrepreneurs who have either visited or are currently visiting each other for study and cooperation.

For example, Katrin and Andres form magasimaa farm and Lobi museum are currently in Latvia, visiting local mint entrepreneur or “mint lady” Lolita Duge from House of Mint , studying mint growing and mint products. Vildi Villa hostess Maia is going to Klamila, Finland on 7th of July to visit Klamila Seutu RY, who is active in local entrepreneurship development. Maia will have a possibility to participate at famous Sepra fair and to give a workshop there.

In August, hosts from Anija manor are going to see Liel. Barons organization in Latvia, who have restored their manor atmosphere with the help of 19. century clothing and different events for wearing them.

Piesta Kuusikaru farm has been very popular for visitors abroad, offering apple juice and apple products. See their home page for more inspiration!

Exchange trips are no vacations. They give entrepreneurs possibility to learn from each other and develop their services. Read the exchange stories at our homepage – you can find a new idea or visit the companies involved. We will take closer look at the exchanges on seminar in Vihula on 15th of November.

On picture: Estonian brewer from Veldi & Tütred visiting Takatalo & Tompuri brewery in Finland