3885 km2


87 000


The operating area of Sepra, situated in Southern Kymenlaakso includes Pyhtaa, Miehikkälä and Virolahti municipalities and towns of Hamina and Kotka.

Sepra area is located near the Russian border, in the middle of the natural environment with sea and islands. The region is an important hub for logistics and related know-how with Finland’s biggest commercial harbour HaminaKotka. The E18 highway from Turku passes through the region reaching the Russian border in Vaalimaa. Main fields of livelyhoods in Sepra municipalities are

  • Service industry including public services
  • Construction
  • Primary production (Miehikkälä)

Fisheries is severly declining in the region, but Sepra works a lot to maintain the industry and improve it.

Activities are seen focusing on the following topics:

  • the cooperation on local food and tourism topic shall be furthered and even taken to new areas in Finland and Estonia
  • COMCOT tool (a sustainable community-based tourism development tool) can be taken further and mainstreamed to new areas
  • COMCOT tool will be offered to other LAGs in Finland
  • Water related tourism will be developed further
  • Cultural and civil society cooperation will be started with Russian partners
  • Youth and tourism cooperation will be continued with Ladoga area as well as with Estonian partners
  • Green Care – theme will be furthered
  • Exchange and training cooperation can be started in particular with young people, possibly outside the EU
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