The territory of Lielupe is situated in the southern part of Latvia in Zemgale plain combining the territories of Jelgava and Ozolnieki counties as a LEADER area.

These are places to experience extreme positive emotions, enjoy Latvian traditions, taste healthy products and meet attractive people whose eyes and heart burn with what they do!

In Ozolnieki municipality, you can relax from the daily hassle and enjoy the presence of nature by visiting the Health Path and the skiing/trekking track in Ozolnieki forest, as well as you will experience an adrenaline rush with the wind in your hair on the Ozolnieki lake while wakeboarding and water-skiing. Maybe, while lunching at the family restaurant ‘Famille’ or the cafe ‘Centrs’, you will meet famous Latvian people who call Ozolnieki their home (just between us, lots of famous musicians, athletes, dancers and entrepreneurs, etc., live here), but going to events in the Town Hall of Ozolnieki and concerts in the Salgale Evangelical Lutheran Church, you will gain joy in your mind and soul.

These are only a few of the places which we offer to include in your journey:

*for the fans of Latvian tradition – “Caunītes” farm in Cenu municipality;

*for the fans of healthy flavours – “Līcīši” goat farm in Cenu municipality and “Bētras” the forestry in Salgales municipality;

*for nature-lovers – “Lauku seta” mini zoo in the Cenu municipality and in cooperation with “Ozo laivas” a boating event in the region’s waters;

Upcoming event in the Ozolnieki region: 28.07. Ozolnieki region celebration

However, once you’ve travelled the Ozolnieki region, we invite you to include the Jelgava region in your travel plans.

Jelgava region is located in the south part of Latvia, at the heart of Zemgale. There are 13 rural territories in the Jelgava region and the population in those is more than 24 thousand which comprises one of the biggest regions in Latvia. The Jelgava region is remarkable with its significant cultural history values, a rich history, which together with the characteristic plateaus of the Zemgale plains create an attractive environment for the locals and the tourists. Manor houses and castles hold legends of secrets and stories which gives a noble feel. Nature tracks and manor parks are beloved places at any time of the year.

These are only a few of the places which we offer to include in your journey:

*for manor and castle fans – Apgunste Manor House, Berkene Manor House, the Park of Eleja Manor House and tea house;

*manufacturing companies– “Ābelītes” winery, “Pupuči” the broad bean healthy snack company;

*sightseeing farms – “Mazzarini” ostrich farm, Malkalnu family company “Pupuči”, Lolita Duges’ peppermint house

Upcoming events:

27., 28. and 29.07 Latvian sauna and health festival

19.08 Abgunste Manor celebration

29.09 Harvest event of Jelgava region

27.10 Legend night in the manor houses of Jelgava region


We invite you to go, explore and enjoy the opportunities in Jelgava and Ozolnieki region!

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2016. gadā šajā plānošanas periodā tika uzsākts pirmais LEADER sadarbības projekts “Ilgtspējīga uzņēmējdarbība laukos”, kurā ar vienotu vīziju par attīstītiem, konkurētspējīgiem un starptautiskai sadarbībai atvērtiem lauku uzņēmējiem, apvienojās astoņas vietējās rīcības grupas no trijām valstīm – Igaunijas (Arenduskoda, East Harju un Green Riverland), Somijas (Linnaseutu, Pirkan Helmi un Sepra) un Latvijas (Lauku partnerība “Lielupe” un Liepājas rajona partnerība).

Latvijas uzņēmēji ir droši un sapņo lielus sapņus!

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