Connected entrepreneurs: Sofijas laivas,

Latvijan canoe tourism small company Sofijas Laivas visited Soomaa national park in Estonia on 23.-25. of September as activity supported by SEIC project. Anna and Turaids Šēfere met local guides and nature tourism operators of :  Algis Martsoo, Edu Kuill, Kaspar Leppik and Aivar Ruukel.  Latvian entrepreneurs participated our guided bogshoeing and canoeing trip, visited several trails of national park and stayed at Riisa rantso guesthouse.

This visit was very useful for the exchange of good practices and new ideas.

Later (27.-28. November) Aivar an Algis of did a sustainable entrepreneurship in countryside study trip to Liepaja region, Latvia, to the base camp of Sofijas laivas. We also visited Annas and Turaids new business project , located at Pape Nature Park. Pape is a protected area, famous for wild horses and taurus, as part of the conservation program and tourist attraction.

It was great to meet and discuss about entrepreneurship at countryside, sharing ideas, that we can do together in future.

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