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Rural Partnership Lielupe

Lielupe territory is situated in the southern part of the Latvia in Zemgale plain joining together the territories of Jelgava and Ozolnieku counties as Leader area.

The entrepreneurial and economic environments in the territory of the Partnership are influenced by the proximity of the territory to the capital city and the fact that the most important centre of development in Zemgale region – Jelgava city – is located in the territory of the Partnership.
The territory of the Partnership is crossed by one of the largest rivers of Latvia – Lielupe.
The territory of the Partnership is characterised by a spruced-up landscape, forests and agricultural lands as well as significant cultural and historical heritage – manor houses and related buildings.
The territory has a well-developed infrastructure and road network and recreational opportunities for families.
In the territory, an explicitly important economic sector is agriculture; in crop farming the key crops produced are cereals and rapeseed and livestock farming mainly involves milk and meat production. An essential role is played by peat production and the quarrying of clay, sand and gravel as well as dolomite.
In recent years in the territory, small and medium enterprises have expanded their business operating in various industries: local food production, crafts, rural tourism, carpentry and other non-agricultural industries.

Priorities are the activities aimed at stimulating local entrepreneurship through engaging the local residents in projects that broaden the assortment of goods and services, which would contribute to the popularity of local products and, at the same time, the growth of tourism, as well as it is planned to support public infrastructure projects, which are important to the local community, and the projects focusing on public activities and services.

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