This spring, we will start a cooperation project with Tartu Art School, bringing together rural entrepreneurs and design students. In the framework of their design practice and study topics, students can help entrepreneurs design their logo, website or package.

The program will take place until end 2018 and the first design cooperations will be formed during spring 2017. The first entrepreneurs to participate are: Ökokuller, Lahe Maamees, Rebase Talu, Taali Mesila and Kuusikaru. First, the entrepreneurs will formulate their wishes in a design brief, and after that, students will start working on solutions. Spring season solutions are planned to be ready by May-June.


Design process can be viewed as bringing thoughts, and after that also visuals and everything else in order. Often, the right solutions to different branding and design problems already exist in people’s minds, they just need to be brought to surface and systematized in the most reasonable way. For a person, who doesn’t deal with solving design problems on daily basis, coming to a solution can seem a difficult process. But using all existing tools, design specialists can reach a solution quite quickly.