Discovering possibilities at Lahemaa on August, 21-23. 2018

Duge family from Piparmetras (LAT)  was guests at Magasimaa  (EST).  Cooking, hiking, soap felting, herb garden visit, hospitality of Vihula Manor, visiting beach, Lobi museum and discussions about entrepreneurship at countryside, sharing ideas – we did lot of things together. We got know each other as companies and at personal level, so relationship between us works on basis of need. We share the ideas and ask each other advice. We hope that exchange program will last. This is most valuable experience for both of us.

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We can say so after our study trip to Latvia from October 3rd to 6th. The trip took place in framework of the cooperation project “Sustainable entrepreneurship in countryside“ and we visited two local action groups (LAG) at Lielupe (around Jelgava) and Liepaja microenterprises.