From 02.-08.2018, representatives of EluJõud. (Enery Farm Herb Center-Eco Spa) Aivar and Tiiu Siim, met representatives of Miesai un Garam Lienite Vitina-Zustrupa and Janis Zustrupa in Latvia.  The hosts are engaged in sauna services: they work out spa programmes, organize sauna trainings, camps and massage services.

Goal of the exchange was to find new contacts, also to share experiences and to get some know-how about the entrepreneurship culture from other countries, to get to know cooperation partners, their products and services, also to find similar cooperation opportunities with other project members.

Family Siim: “At first we visited a small entrepreneur in a small town Kegums: Dabīgās ēteriskās eļļas no Cade, SIA. Our host was the representative of the company Solvita Kūna. The company deals with essential oils, hydrolates, sauna cosmetics and body scrubs, they pick herbs, process them and extract oil. They also have a display of herbs they use in production.

Then we went to Ergli (Лаборатория напитков) into so-called drink laboratory. Our host was a man, who „escaped“ from the town of Riga ten years ago. His friends thought he was „mad“, but now everybody wants to visit the place and spend their leisure time there. The entrepreneur  is called Mārcis Feldbergs.

Not only „the laboratory of drinks“ surprised us, but also the territory, which was put in order, there was a cinema place in the forest, nice artistic piles of wood, many wonderful metal sculptures, different saunas and a small handicraft workroom where we also made key-holder and necklace to ourselves. Only one thing can be said about this man:“You must really want it, and anything is possible!“

In the evening we visited Peteris Locmelis and Anita Ločmele – a Holiday House with sauna, kitchen and overnight stop. Nature trails with all possibilities.

This primeval woman shared her experiences about nature, herbs, trees and folksy signs. We got a lot of knowledge and experience from traditional Latvian sauna and services which are being used there: baths, herbs, different types of massage. Evening sauna for one person lasted until two hours: footbaths, body scrubs, whisking with sauna whisks from different herbs and trees, massage, cooling down in the lake. It was memorable.

Hiking on nature trails in the morning and in the evening made this visit especially interesting.

Our visit to Latvia was insipring and successful.”


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