Joint fact-finding trip of the project “Sustainable entrepreneurship in countryside” took place from September 20th to 23rd. Keywords were nature, tourism based on local culture and heritage, handicraft and local food.

The biggest value of the trip, by the entrepreneurs, were people who participated and people who were met on the spot. Karin Potter, hostess of the Lobi museum and Magasimaa Farmstead said: „I consider getting and developing new connections very important for myself. This time, I could do it together with Finnish, Latvian and Estonian people. It is very interesting to see HOW things are being done. I was happy to recognize that people are active in areas of countryside entrepreneurship which are close to their soul. So do I. My soul likes to experiment with new things. The result is not always a lot of money, but the emotion, that you give to clients and guests and what you get back. It cannot be measured in money.“

Almost thirty undertakings were visited in smaller groups during the trip. The most pleasurable were places where guests were expected, hosts had their own story to tell and products or services to offer. Here are some references to our readers, from whom to learn and who to visit:

Sarkanen Farm – big dairy cattle and small hand-made ice cream production.

Käkigolf and wineyard – nature, peace and golf, read more from their homepage

HeviHasila Potatofarm and production; besides potatoes they grow different vegetables, they also have their own restaurant and catering service

Puutikala Puoti – local village shop, which has been desingd into the village centre

Local food producers at Laitikkala village are also very interesting:

Katajan Meat plc, small meat industry

Maaseutu maistuu (Countryside Tastes), catering and bakery
Heikkilän cheese, small creamery, where cheese is being made
Rönnvik’s Berry Winery, small winery

Finland is known as a country of thousands of lakes, so tourists have exciting activities on the shore and on the water. Our entrepreneurs took part in Lake Land Leader Project near lake Kukkia and Church Boat Race activities. We took a boat trip to an island on the lake and we visited a married couple who lives there.

The biggest result of the trip were the contacts we made and ideas how we can cooperate in the future. It will not be the only visit, cooperation couples made during this trip can participate in this entrepreneurs’ exchange project, there will be a joint fact-finding trip to Latvia and we expect Finnish and Latvian entrepreneurs into Estonia in spring next year.

More information from our project manager Eha and of course from all our project partners.

Photos of the exchange trip by Katrin Potter from Lobi museum


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