Magasimaa (Potterprojektid OÜ) representative Katrin Potter and Lobi Museum (Lobimuuseum MTÜ) representative Andres Kaljusalu was guests of “Piparmetru namins”, Lolita Duge and “Destilati” Jolanta Lapina at Jelgava region, Latvia from June 26 to June 28, 2018.

During our visit, the hosts provided us with large variety of different actions and destinations. The program involved visiting other entrepreneurs of the region. We also had a good overview about everyday actions of Peppermint House and agriculture at their farm and home “Terēņi”.

During the visits of other entrepreneurs around Vilce, we saw wonderful ideas and people full of energy, who love what they do and who also introduced their activities to us. The structure and development of services was interesting for comparison.

Tirelj was also interesting, “Destilati” is bringing alive old traditions with old trusted technology. Getting the best results will take time, however, the company already has several cooperation partners and they are able to produce good quality trendy beverages. Constant testing and endless developing will lead to one success after another. It was interesting to see how family is combining different hobbies to a successful farming and how the business is growing.

At all destinations we had discussions of the sustainable entrepreneurship and shared our thoughts about it. We learned the importance of cooperation at the family level (closest where one can get to feel the absolute understanding of each other’s business).

We also have lots of memories and loads of photos to remember it all. The exchange was inspiring and successful. Due to this exchange program both parties – hosts and guests had to step out of their comfort zone and face/reconsider their actions and future plans. Exchanging the experiences and ideas was really rewarding for all of us. The purpose of the exchange trip of the project “Sustainable entrepreneurship in countryside” was to meet local entrepreneurs and share experiences.

Katrin Potter

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