Hämeenlinna area is situated in the southern part of Finland only an hour away from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The region includes the city of Hämeenlinna and the municipalities of Janakkala and Hattula. There are a lot of different kinds of tourist attractions in the region with its lakes, forests and recreation parks. In addition, there are a few events worth remembering when coming to visit.


Häme Castle

Häme Castle is a Medieval castle which is situated in the city of Hämeenlinna. Originally located on an island, the castle now sits beautifully on the coast of lake Vanajavesi. The castle was built in the 13th century. These days it is a popular tourist attraction with its museums and events.

The Häme Castle is a Medieval castle overlooking the lake Vanajavesi. Its parks are popular places to organize different kinds of events and are full of action during the summers.

Aulanko area and forest park

Aulanko forest park is one of the most beautiful places in Finland. Even Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, who was born in Hämeenlinna, was inspired by its beauty.

There is a lot to see in Aulanko area, in addition to the beautiful scenery. The forest park of Aulanko, its sights and the view from the scenic lookout tower of Aulangonvuori Hill are worth visiting. In the area there is also a hotel with a spa, an adventure park, a horse riding center, a golf course and also a summer theatre.

The forest park of Aulanko has had a significant impact on the Finnish park culture. Nowadays, Aulanko area belongs to the first National Urban Park in Finland.

Aulanko forest park is a stunningly beautiful place situated in Hämeenlinna. You can climb to the scenic lookout tower, take a hike in the park or enjoy many of the activities found in the area.


Since the Middle Ages, the manor houses have had a significant role in Häme. The numerous beautiful manor houses of Hämeenlinna area provide their visitors with unrivalled experiences. The travelers can visit some of the manors on their own or even sleep in them although some of them are privately owned and not open to the public.

Lakes and summer cottages

There are numerous lakes in the Hämeenlinna area. You can take a cruise along lake Vanajavesi or go fishing, canoeing or sailing on a smaller lake or river. And when in Finland, you need to experience the most popular way to enjoy your weekends and summer holidays – Finnish summer cottage. Hämeenlinna area is one of the most popular summer cottage regions in Finland bringing people from all over the country to Häme. There are also many cottages for rent for the travelers.

Vihavuosi village and its rapids are a popular place for fishing enthusiasts. There is also a cafe placed in an old sawmill and people form the nearby summer cottages and villages often come to visit the place.

The biggest events in the Hämeenlinna area

Everyone is welcome to participate in the Open Village Day at the beginning of June. There are tens of villages that will introduce their life, activities and events in a day. You can for example visit village markets and cafes, take part of outdoor activities or village walks and visit some of the village museums.

Wanaja Festival, which is held at the end of July, is the biggest pop and rock music festival in the area. Numerous Finnish front line artist come to perform to Wanaja. The Festival is held in the picturesque park of Hämeenlinna Castle and city park overlooking the lake Vanajavesi and it gathers the young and happy people together from the area and also from farther off.

In August there is Häme Medieval Festival held in Hämeenlinna Castle Park and its surroundings. This year the Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary. The festival offers culture and lifestyle from the Middle Ages: music, horses, combat acts, craftsmen, magicians, merchants etc. There are plenty of program for the whole family.


Text and pictures: Ulla Harju

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