2372 km2



Kodukant Läänemaa

Kodukant Läänemaa action group involves four municipalities in the West-Estonia.

Natural conditions are characteristical to the whole Kodukant Läänemaa action group region. Each municipality has on border with the sea. The length of the county’s coastline is about 400 km. The region comprises of the shallow coastal areas, reed beds, bogs and forests.


About 1/3 of the territory is under nature protection. The natural environment and landscapes are unique and valuable.

The region has long traditions of handicraft and active village movement.


Main strengths include:

  • nature resources (sea, coastal areas, islets, forests, protected areas such as Matsalu National Park, Silma  and Marimetsa Nature Reserve etc);
  • traditions and cultural heritage (coastal Swedes, local handicraft, farm architecture, local museums, cultural heritage objects etc);
  • location (close to Tallinn, harbours, highway routes etc);
  • active people;
  • tourism potential.
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