I came to visit Zanda’s working place at an old manor where she has her own sewing workshop. Also, we visited Rundale Palace that was a gorgeous place. I got a lot out of the visit, as there was a Russian-speaking guide. We got to the places, where it is impossible to get on a regular tour.

We got acquainted with the guide’s own project, where she got the old building repaired and where a historical costumes museum and a shop, where related products are sold, work now. I was very impressed by what I saw, and I wish I could establish a similar place in Hamina for tourists.

The last day we were in Riga exploring a Fashion museum exhibition, which was gorgeous. I took a lot of pictures, videos and ideas.

It was the best tour I have ever done. Many thanks to Zanda for the great experiences!

Our cooperation continues!

Aleksandra Pohjola

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