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Etelä-Karjalan Kärki-Leader

Southern Karelia is situated in southeast Finland. As Leader area Southern Karelia is divided into two territories. Kärki-Leader covers the northern part of the southern Karelia which includes 4 local councils; Parikkala, Rautjärvi, Ruokolahti and Imatra.

The area is located on the lake Saimaa on and many other smaller lake areas. In addition to beautiful lake views there are lots of agriculture and traditional cultural views. In Imatra one can enjoy the beauty of Imatrankoski. Ruokolahti provides many outdoor activities such as downhill biking right next to Saimaa strands. Rautjärvi provides the traveler war historical experiences in Miettilä and nature experiences in Hiitolanjoki. Agriculture is vital in Parikkala and one can also enjoy beautiful lakeviews and fishing there. Most of companies in the area are micro enterprises.

Overall aim of Kärki-Leader is to strengthen local economy. Target is also to create comfortable residential areas and develop areas to be more sustainable. Also supporting local entrepreneurship is one of the main goals.

Priorities for 2020:
– Strengthen local economy
– Comfortable residential areas
– Sustainable development
– Networking

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