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Business association of North-Kurzeme

Business association of North Kurzeme incorporate three districts: Dundaga (Dundaga and Kolka parish), Talsi (Īve, Lube and Valdgale parish), Ventspils (Ance, Jūrkalne, Piltene, Pope, Puze, Tārgale, Ugāle, Usma, Užava, Vārve, Ziras un Zlēkas parish and city of Piltene) and Ventspils city. Territories of 17 parishes and 2 cities – Ventspils and Piltene – in total.

The territory of LAG has big forest tracts and great amount of farmsteads. Large part of the coastal area is covered by specially protected nature territories, like Slitere National Park.

Within the territory Moricsala nature reserve is located, which is the oldest nature territory in Latvia, as well as many other protected nature territories. Cultural and craftsmanship traditions of Livonians and Suiti, manors, castles and churches with unique sacral artworks built by Baltic Germans are main cultural and historical riches that can be found within the LAG territory.

For economic development particularly important are natural tourism, agricultural product manufacturing, fish industry, home production and craftsmanship, forest industry and woodworking sectors.

North Kurzeme is an orderly and appealing living environment where socially active inhabitants are residing, and competitive and creative entrepreneurs are working.


  • Learning of new skills;
  • Creation of new jobs and enterprises;
  • Conservation of cultural heritage
  • Conservation and sustainable use of natural resources
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