Hämeenlinna area – a natural beauty! Travelling destinations 2018.

Hämeenlinna area is situated in the southern part of Finland only an hour away from the capital of Finland, Helsinki.

Tourism activities 2018 in Kymenlaakso region, Finland

Southern Kymenlaakso region of Finland is located by the sea and River Kymijoki. The region is formed by the cities of Kotka and Hamina as well as the municipalities of Pyhtää, Virolahti and Miehikkälä.

Food + beverages + history = successful Estonian-Latvian exchange

Magasimaa (Potterprojektid OÜ) representative Katrin Potter and Lobi Museum (Lobimuuseum MTÜ) representative Andres Kaljusalu was guests of “Piparmetru namins”, Lolita Duge and “Destilati” Jolanta Lapina at Jelgava region, Latvia from June 26 to June 28, 2018.

Trīs pieredzes apmaiņas stāsti

Evija Kopštāle (SIA „Evi&Jo”, SIA “Durbes veltes”)

Projekta ietvaros uzņēmumu pie sevis sadarbības partnerus no Igaunijas (14.

A brewer from Lahemaa visited a brewer in Finland

In the beginning of May we had a chance to visit one of the best brewers from our neighbouring country Finland!

Entrepreneurs get new ideas

Entrepreneurs from Pärnu, Estonia visited entrepreneurs in Liepaja for an exchange of experience. The Estonians were pleasantly surprised with new technological advancements, but the Latvians were able to find answers to questions and get advice.